Hildebrand Valkyrie Launching on Kickstarter February 25th!

Vigilante Comix has created a new series called Hildebrand Valkyrie - A Medieval Odyssey, which is the heroic tale of an intrepid young female knight's exploits through Medieval Europe. Hildebrand started life as an orphan raised by the Catholic church, but her path to a greater destiny began when she was hired as a scullery maid by Cuthred, a recently widowed Mercian Lord. Enchanted by her beauty and boisterous spirit, Cuthred not only took Hildebrand as his lover, but also trained her to be his page in battle. After being struck down in a Viking invasion, Lord Cuthred implored Hildebrand to take up his sword and assume his household. Despite the resentment of the local magistrate, Hilda thrives in her new role. However, the path of her comfortable new life is irrevocably altered when she encounters a bedraggled missionary collapsed on her land. After bringing him to her home, the missionary reveals shocking information that will forever change the path of Hildebrand's life. What follows next is an epic adventure full of intrigue, battle, blood and divine destiny!

The first volume of this epic series will be offered as part of the funding campaign launching on Kickstarter Feb 25 - Mar 31, 2020. In addition to the 48 pg graphic novella, the campaign will offer backers a plethora of fabulous rewards from top names in the industry, including variant covers, pinups, posters, trading cards, stickers and more! Early Bird Specials are available in the first 48 hours of the campaign, including FREE SHIPPING within North America, so make sure not to miss out and back the campaign right away!

Click the cover image to the right to check out the campaign page! (Preview until Feb 25th)

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